Skin by am

Vital Flash & Go All Skin 35 min $65

Vital European All Skin 60 min $95
Jump start your skin in the correct
direction to a healthier complexion

Pure Balancing Acne 60 min $110
A treatment specifically for congested
skin types in need of deep pore

Redness Relief Sensitive 60 min $110
Relax in our superb calming facial
accompanied by a soothing
comfort mask

Rewind Hydrating Mature 60 min $110
A facial treatment works to prevent
premature aging while restoring the
skins natural healthy glow

Bee Pure Combination 60 min $110
A highly concentrated serum and mask
that will instantly refresh your skin and
purifying your complexion

Hydro Nourishing Dry60 min $110
Restore the nutrients in your skin while
quenching your skins thirst with a deep
moisture rich facial treatment

Aromatic Essence Aromatherapy 60 min $125
Formulated to address all skin concerns;
relieve sinus congestion with the aid of
lymphatic drainage and digital pressure

Herbal Infused All Skin 60 min $125
Renew your skin with our customized
herbal, nourishing facial, fresh
ingredients whipped on site

Gentleman’s Facial All Skin 60 min $110

A detoxifying facial focusing on sensitive areas

of the face while relieving stress

 Clarifying Vitamin C 60 min $125
Brighten, Alleviate and correct sun damage while
balancing the melanin in your skin

Honey Tea Teen Skin 60 min $85
A intensive pore detoxification with
soothing therapeutic properties

Herb, Herb & Away All Skin 60 min $125
Whisk away with our pampering
treatment containing fresh blends of
warm herbs and soothing aromatic
essential oil massage